We always believed gaming to be more than a nerdy hobby. When we started our project in 2007, we were a bunch of enthusiasts, who wanted to create something outstanding. We were – and still are – MAKERS, PIONEERS AND TRUE FANATICS. We are proud of our roots and what we achieved during the past decades, but also full of excitement about what there will be next.


Counter-Strike was the first game we fell in love with. The game mode, the pace and the tactics were our definition of eSports for a long time. Our first offline appearance was on CS battlegounds, playing  traditional clubs like Team Bavarian Heaven, a-losers or n!faculty. We were named THE BORUSSIA DORTMUND OF ESPORTS for being a biting underdog at NorthCon eSports Arena, all squaring pacha’s Virtus Pro and challenging the record-winning Ninjas in Pyjamas lineup.

Doing this, we scouted many talents who swapped to the world’s top teams after showing outstanding performances under the flag of CPLAY. Over the years and versions, CS may have lost a bit of its roughness and therefore its charm, but nothing of its perfect-fit for a viewers eSport: today we strive more than ever for HEARTBEATING LAST ROUNDS.

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Call of Duty probably was our second love. We played two seasons of ESL PRO SERIES in CoD4 and won MAXLAN. We dived deep into the national scene before we decided to opt out of World War II.


If you want to create something new or something special, you have to think out of the box. With our engagement in ShootMania we were lucky not having to do this by force. Having hosted one of the world’s top teams and through our empathy for the game and its community we realized the lack of professional competition. So we started our own premium tournament series in cooperation with the publisher of ShootMania, Ubisoft’s NADEO.

We teamed up with Europe’s best casters, made in-game advertisement possible for our sponsors and spread the word on all channels. Having hosted three seasons of CPLAY SERIES: Shootmania, we raised the reach of the game to new heights and set a pilot for other organizations to follow.


As the best German team in World of Tanks, we participated in the European Championship. We showed up as an underdog and the community loved our batshit-crazy players. In the end our Eight finished on a perfect Third place, right behind Virtus Pro.


Even though our roots rely on ego shooter, we can’t deny a little crush into Mobas. Our first national touchpoints where with Starcraft II, where we hosted a German top squad until the breakdown of the SC2 team competition. This breakdown also marked the beginning of a longer lasting relationship with a rising game: League of Legends. We conquered the German Championship finishing second and gamescom winning the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament.

Gaming is


We always believed gaming to be more than just a nerdy hobby. We believed it to be a lifestyle, shared by masses of people. Thus we proudly represent ATHLEETS, a movement to give our lifestyle a way to express itself.




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