Last season left a bit of a sour aftertaste in more than a few people’s minds – the reasonable decision was made not to play the finals after we had to find out that one of the last lineup’s players was using illegal third party software to reach an unfair advantage and while it certainly was the only correct way to act, it still left us hungry for more. Our direction is clear: We will rebuild.

Today CPLAY is proud to announce an all new lineup to compete in the next ESLM season format. Please welcome Kevin KeV Eisler, Daniel SMYLE Gustke, Marc iPrey Eliewsky and Paul IamFreddy Kramer!

They’ll hopefully be well kitted out for some clutch action in those final circles and quick on their heels across the wide open areas of the different maps that shape PUBG.


Kevin Eisler


Daniel Gustke


Marc Eliewsky


Paul Kramer

The team will perform in the ESL Meisterschaft which will kick of on February 12. This time around it seems like dedication and skill will be rewarded. Every match day will be important as teams gather points for their global ranking and either try to fend of demotion or get promoted themselves into the elite division – suits us just right.

Be sure to tune in for the first drop!


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