The New CPLAY Squad: Next Generation CSGO

It’s been a rough last season with many ups and downs, match after match were decided by overtime or single rounds, we’ve been balancing over the proverbial knive’s edge on more than a few occasions and all those challenges and hardships have brought us to this point: The top of the German CS:GO horizon. In the ESL Meisterschaft the best of the best meet to compete for the title of champion. It certainly won’t get any easier from here on out: CPLAY made it into the first division as the last relegation winner. We are one of the youngest teams. And we’re the weakest team – but only on paper.

Last season’s fan favorites Mikael and Adr1an are going supported by three freshly signed top players this season: Pavel eNji Telnov, Jason Delkore Müller and Dennis Zure Schröer will take up arms to defend the position in the league this season and to shake up the competition. Their backs will be covered by stand ins PIR3X and SiGGy, hopefully shielding us from all eventualities. We definitely have a great formula between consistency and innovation here, so we can’t wait for this lineup to finally get field-tested.



Julian Steinkasserer


Robin Siek

The ESL Meisterschaft starts on Monday, 21st. We won’t be able to do it without you guys, so tune in, grab the popcorn and cross those fingers. It’s getting real.


ESL Meisterschaft: Mission complete!

CPLAY PUBG: Welcome to Sanhok again!

The New CPLAY Squad: Next Generation CSGO

The Climb - ESL Meisterschaft Expulsion