The Climb – ESL Meisterschaft Expulsion

Just when we thought that promotion into the most prestigous German division was not possible any more – we were just a few points shy of the required third place in division two – word reached us that schadE halt has been disqualified, thus enabling us to take part in the relegation for the ESL Meisterschaft next season.

We did it! Winning the best of three 2-0 in what was a very tight and balanced matchup, we managed to snatch victory from the Playing Ducks and will therefore be part of the first Division in the coming ESL Meisterschaft season! The boys over at CPLAY HQ couldn’t be happier to finally be part of division one again, celebrations for the promotion are in full steam here at the office.

Elias pony-san Fischhaber had to fill in as a fifth player as our fella Pir3x had to attend personal business that had to take precedence. pony-san was stand-in for the late EYES ON U lineup, in a few clutch rounds he showed his worth as a division one player and clearly demonstrated his skills in the game. He wasn’t the only one who performed that day, though: Let’s take the time to also congratulate Mikael, Marty, ADR1AN and SiGGy for a superb performance and the well deserved promotion! Those were some legendary rounds out there. Especially the AK wielding terrorist rounds were a sight to behold, we’ve seen plenty of personal skill in clutch rounds that won us the tight matches, but we’ve also been witness to solid teamplay, great positioning and quick rotations.


Michael Luong


Tim Decher


Adrian Blunck


Robin Siek


Elias Fischhaber

We’re looking forward for the new season in great excitement, we’ll definitely try our best to establish CPLAY in the first division again and who knows – the name CPLAY comes with a tradition of mixing up the competitions. And who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

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