ESL Meisterschaft: Heroes of the First Half

It’s been a while since CPLAY opened the gates again and it is about time that we take a good look at current standings. While there’s a whole lot going on on the FIFA side of things (and we might inform you shortly) we’ll set our focus on the first person shooter games this time around, namely esports newcomer PUBG and all-time classic CS:GO.


Match day three of ESL Meisterschaft PUBG had teams of Elite and Diamond divisons swap places for the first time this season and while it was a rough and exciting day for some of the candidates it was a rather relaxed experience for our team. With a solid third rank and a good cushion of points there was no mathematically conceivable way for the team to fall below the relegation line – quite a luxurious comfort that a lot of other clubs did not have. After the third match day we finished on a solid fourth place and with that we have certainly stirred up the pool of the proclaimed elite of this season, truly an amazing feat and well in line with past teams playing under our flag.

Shuzk, Xae, Skill2beReal, Soronx, Tizzer

It’s a new month now, and with it comes the tabula rasa that is the new PUBG rankings. All points have been wiped and apart from the change in lineup – kartoffelsalat, Loot Goblins, 4AK and the Playing Ducks replace TBD, Looking for Orga, iinvisible and KittyCats in the Diamond division – we’re back to the starting blocks. The first day has left the team hungry for some chicken as only an overall 10th rank was achieved while Diamond newcomers 4AK and kartoffelsalat ranked fourth and second, respectively. You can definitely feel the new wind in the division.

With the ESLM revision taken care of we’ll quickly go through the recent changes in our PUBG roster before we finally swap over to CS:GO. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Gabriel Hunstock going by the alias ‘PreciousBlack’ for his performance on the Battlegrounds before leaving the lineup. Former stand-in Maximilian ‘Shuzk’ Klaas replaces him. Martin ‘Xae’ Ludwig will slightly step into the background as our new stand-in while Maximilian ‘Tizzer’ Herr is welcomed into the roster and main lineup.


Instead of fighting for survival on the Battlegrounds, our brothers-in-arms of CS:GO fight for their ranks head on with the other teams in the confined locations of ESLM and 99Damage second divisions. In the ESL Meisterschaft the team of youngsters managed to rank third with only two lost matches while both clubs in front of them have either the same amount or more. They rank above us curtesy of the fact that they have played more matches so far, so one could say they are only ahead of us on paper.

SiGGy, Pir3x, Mikael, ADR1AN, Martynas

ESL Meisterschaft Div 23/10106/4
99DMG Liga Div 2
ESEA Main League26/124149/5

Let’s not count our chickens before they get shot, though. A series of very close games have lead us to the well-placed position in the ESL leaderboards. Plenty of 16 to 14 or even overtime games have been played, and that those can sometimes go either way is showing in division two of the 99damage league. Currently ranked 6 of 8 in division 2.1 with three wins balancing out three losses where most of the games could have had a different outcome by the flight of a single bullet our team certainly did not play worse than in the ESL. We have to acknowledge that all the teams in both competitions are on a high level and matches will continue to be hair splitting close, but such is life when you are scratching the skill sceiling of a well-established game.

One half’s done for, let’s start into the second one of the season with ambition and optimism. We could hardly be happier with the results of our gunslingers in both games and we expect them to continue their efforts in the leagues – who knows, at the end of the season we might even lead the scoreboards!

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