ESL Meisterschaft: CPLAY is part of the 1st division

Finally it has been confirmed that our PUBG lineup is going to start in the ESL Meisterschaft, division one. As participant of the recent finals played on stage at Gamescom about two months ago the team has been invited to play in the ESL winter championship for the first ever title of national champion and the league associated prize pool of over 35.000€.


Starting on October 12th matches are going to be played each Friday. Two matches are played each match day, one for each of the divisions called “Alpha” and “Bravo”. The 16 teams who participated at the Gamescom Finals are going to form the Alpha division while a series of two open and one closed qualifiers at 2nd, 4th and 5th of October, respectively, are going to fill the Bravo division participant pool. Each match day the teams fight for points in order to stay in or relegate into Alpha division in order to participate in the league’s finals.

Relegation between the two divisions happens four times during the league; every other uneven match day starting at the 3rd match. On that match day, the four best teams of Bravo division are promoted to Alpha while the lowest ranking Alpha teams are sent into Bravo. Each consecutive relegation day the amount of promoted and demoted teams shrinks by one, so on the last relegation at match day 9 only one team will be swapped from each division. Every team who remains in Alpha division after day 9 are therefore qualified to play the finals in December.

Both Alpha and Bravo division matches are going to be streamed over at the ESL streaming page, so you don’t have to miss a single match. First one of them is on October 12, be sure to tune in!

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