It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Finally we are back in the virtual stadiums across the globe with two top players in FIFA 18. Axel Waldmannstetter, better known by the alias TwoMillionWays, has been ranked in the top 8 of the virtual instance of the national league called virtuelle Bundesliga and even won a car in a local tournament, for half a year at least. His colleague in the CPLAY FIFA department is Robin Kern. Under his rather fitting nickname core he has recently won the ESL FIFA PREMIUM ONLY Cup Europe, for example.


Axel Waldmannstetter


Robin Kern

Keep an eye out for both players to get back into action in the coming month as the release of FIFA 19 draws closer and closer. Find more news to our new other lineups: CSGO, PUBG

Photo: Luca Jebautzke

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