It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Finally we are back in the virtual stadiums across the globe with two top players in FIFA 18. Axel Waldmannstetter, better known by the alias TwoMillionWays, has been ranked in the top 8 of the virtual instance of the national league called virtuelle Bundesliga and even won a car in a local tournament, for half a year at least. His colleague in the CPLAY FIFA department is Robin Kern. Under his rather fitting nickname core he has recently won the ESL FIFA PREMIUM ONLY Cup Europe, for example.


Axel Waldmannstetter


Robin Kern

Axel TWOMILLIONWAYS Waldmannstetter


Hello! My name is Axel aka TwoMillionWays and I am very happy to have joined CPLAY for the new season. My previous clans were NXG, Leisure and Pangea Dragons. My best successes were TOP8 PS4 of the Virtuelle Bundesliga in Fifa 18, Top 16 of the Swiss Championship 2017 and winning a Mercedes A class for half a year. At the Launch-Event of CPLAY I could already make some contacts and i’m looking forward to the upcoming tasks and challenges!

Robin CORE Kern


Hola, my name is Robin “CORE” Kern and I have been active in the FIFA scene since 2007. I hope to enrich CPLAY with my many years of experience as captain of the FIFA Team. My successes last year include winning the Sat1 ran Cup and winning some ESL tournaments. Unfortunately FIFA18 was no fun and the motivation was missing. That’s why I’m happy to be a part of CPLAY for the new season and have the motivation to achieve a lot again in FIFA 18!

Christian CHABA Ciabattari

Team Management

With its forerunner role FIFA is connecting the world of computer gaming with the world of sports. With highly sophisticated players CPLAY FIFA is showing that there is no need for a gap between gaming and sports. The players at CPLAY FIFA work hard to achieve their goals. The passion on the soccerfield is real, in both, the stadiums all around the world and on the digital playgrounds.

Keep an eye out for both players to get back into action in the coming month as the release of FIFA 19 draws closer and closer. Find more news to our new other lineups: CSGO, PUBG


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