This would not be a CPLAY relaunch without Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on our list. What has become a staple over here at CPLAY in the last years is finally coming back in red colors. Our new lineup is composed of young and motivated players that went through ESL championship division three with only a single loss on their otherwise clean kevlar vests.

Last season they were part of team SwiftFox’s pack. Joining CPLAY, the team lead by Michael mikael Luong dropped one player, replacing him with Adrian ADR1AN Blunck (former Playing Ducks), an old acquaintance to and the desired player of the team. So these are the guys that make it look like climbing ranks is easy for CPLAY:


Michael Luong


Tim Decher


Julian Steinkasserer


Robin Siek


Adrian Blunck

Michael Mikael Luong

Ingame-Leader CSGO

After a truly successful season we’re happy to announce our new home and two changes in the lineup. Following first conversations with the management of CPLAY we quickly came to realize that we had found our new home there. In addition to the new organization I’m also very happy to announce that ADR1AN from the Playing Ducks will return to us with help of CPLAY which payed the determined transfer sum. From now on he will play instead of pony who couldn’t play an active season due to time constraints, instead he’ll play as a stand-in for EYES ON U next season. Further, hayanh has left us as stand-in due to him being able to be more active again. Taito will replace hayanh and therefore round up the lineup for the upcoming season.

With ADR1AN we have a young, talented and ambitious player, who fits very well into the lineup, both with his character and playstyle, and was able to take a lot of experience with him from last season. Taito is a player who will support us in any emergency both on and off the game server. Finally, with CPLAY we are part of an organization that, like us, value the traits motivation, ambition and coherence, and on top of that brings year long experience within the eSports scene, of which us players can profit. Our target for next season is to be part of the fight for promotion into the first Division both in the 99Damage league and the ESL championship. I’d like to thank Dyz in the name of the team for a smooth transition of organisations and over a year of SwiftFox, as well as by my companions pony and hayanh for their contributions to last season. I am very happy about the steps we have taken in the recent weeks and months and excited for the coming season.

Marvin Manni Schweflinghaus

Global Team Management

CPLAY CS:GO is a highly motivated team of young talents. The team played its way through the minor divisions of ESL Meisterschaft an 99DMG League and showed a great performance so far. With the right guidance and by keeping the motivation high, CPLAY CS:GO will steadily develope and surely become a recognizable participant of the upper national divisions. A young team to definitely keep an eye on.


Next season you will be able to watch them compete in 2nd divisions for both 99DMG League and ESL Meisterschaft, as well as in ESEA. In other news we introduce to you our other new players in FIFA and PUBG.

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