After a creative break of two years CPLAY is finally back to reclaim the spot as one of the most traditional and influencial eSports teams in Germany. We strike out to connect with past successes and superceed them in due time. Our roster now includes a team for our main discipline CSGO, but also two strong players in FIFA 19 and a four man squad for esports newcomer Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, that has already performed in the ESL championship finals live on stage at Gamescom 2018. The main strength of our club, however, is the eight headed management team that has been passionate for eSports and CPLAY for years and that has been reactivated in full force.

CPLAY is a German eSports club originating from Hamburg in 2007. For nine years CPLAY has operated with national and international players and teams to help shape German eSports into the powerhouse that it is today. Past successes include a fourth place in NorthCon 2012, winning the Dr. Pepper Allstar Tournament on stage at Gamescom 2013, as well as playing in the WGL Finals for World of Tanks in Cologne at 2014. Our teams have won the ESL Major League in 2015 and have reached second place in the German League of Legends championship. CPLAY is known for intense scouting that take new names in the scene and produce them into international star players and competitive challenger teams; both Lukas gla1ve Rossander and Andreas Xyp9x Højsleth, two of the most renowned CSGO players in history, originated from CPLAY.

CPLAY celebrates their relaunch at Patch 2.1 in Hamburg, Germany on the First of September.

We are back for good.


ESL Meisterschaft: Mission complete!

CPLAY PUBG: Welcome to Sanhok again!

The New CPLAY Squad: Next Generation CSGO

The Climb - ESL Meisterschaft Expulsion